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Really Paying PTR Sites

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I am currently trying more than 80 PTR sites to find out which sites are really paying for my endeavor to read the e-mails. Here, I am listing several sites which really have paid to me, and some sites which will pay me most likely even though I have not been paid yet. I will update regularly by adding more PTR sites whenever I really get paid.(It takes time to verify). If you are interested, you can bookmark this page as your reference.


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(1) Misty and Sams Cash : $10.00 Minimum payout. $15/momth (I have been  paid 3 times : in 30 days)


(2) soredtherose : $2.00 Minimum payout.$5-8/month (I have been paid 6 times : within 24 hours)


(3) Paid Solos : $2.00 Minimum payout. Recently changed new owner really pays. (I have been paid once : in 6 days)


(4) Live-from-NY-mails : $5.00 Minimum payout. (I have been paid once : in 28 days)


(5) Real-Cashs : $2.00 Minimum Payout , However, full account payout possible once a month.$2-5/month (I have been paid 4 times : within 24 hours)


(6) BeeHiveMail : $1.00 Minimum Payout  : All earnings will be payed out automatically when it reaches $1.00 (I have been paid  twice automatically)


(7) getPTR : No minimum payout : All earnings will be paid out automatically every month (I have been paid 6 times automatically)


(8) Qualiyt-Cash : $1.00 Minimum Payout  :  (I have been paid  once : in 24 hours)


(9) EnchantedMail : $5.00 Minimum payout. (I have been paid once : in 24 hours,this site is owned by the same webmistress of soredtherose.)


(10) Dragonhoarde : No minimum payout (I have been paid once : in 10 days)


(11) Studiotraffic : $5.00 Minimum payout.This is a Auto Surfing Program. They pays 1% of your Account Level everyday. All earning balance will be avaiable for the transfer each month.(I have been paid once)

Prospect Response: $50.00 Minimum payout.This is a very interesting program. You can earn upto 12 cents per e-mail.(I have not been paid yet, but one of the honest sites)

Hauling Cash : $5.00 Minimum payout. (I have requested the cash redemtion.)


Caribbean-Cash : $20.00 Minimum payout. (I have not been paid yet, but one of the honest sites.)


Cash Delight : $35.00 Minimum payout. (I have not been paid yet, but one of the honest sites.)


Gonefishin-email : $30.00 Minimum payout. (I have not been paid yet, but one of the honest sites. Huge PTC section)


Logans-Legacy : $10.00 Minimum payout. (I have not been paid yet, but one of the honest sites which is owned by the same webmaster of Haulingcash.)